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‘Cause it’s Goodbye Again

Elder son off to his second year of college.  First we have a special, mom made, nutritious breakfast… Now it’s time for the rocket sciencetry of men packing a trunk Which shouldn’t be that hard because this is all he … Continue reading

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Thanks but No Thanks

Yes, my parents are getting older… in their mid eighties.  So talk naturally turns to what to do with their house, your parents probably have one just like it.  It needs repair, updating and an especially big dumpster to get … Continue reading

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Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer…

Just like grade school days, we took a picture of my 16 year old leaving for his junior year of high school this morning.  I tried to sneak in it, not fast enough.  Look how thrilled he is!  And do you … Continue reading

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It’s A Slippery Slope

My darling 16 year old has a broken visor on his car.  He decided he should “fix it” with velcro.  I explained to him that this was a gateway fix.  Soon he would be using duct tape, and plastic, and … Continue reading

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At Least I Won’t Be Paying For Their Therapy

Is it so wrong that instead of asking my son if he made the varsity soccer team, I ask him if he is experiencing the agonizing disappointment and searing rejection that is adulthood?  By the way, he did make the … Continue reading

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Cats are cool.  When they are irritated, or ticked, or ready to strike out, they let you know with a warning hiss.  I have recently adopted this with my college son, home for the summer (which, by the way, should … Continue reading

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The Love of a Lab

The saying is “heart of a lion”… I say heart of a lab.  My life is better every day because of my old gal, 14 year old Sammie.  She still wants to go out and get the newspaper for us … Continue reading

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