Yes, This is For Real

Planned Parenthood (which I support) just sent me this, entitled: A Very Special Care Package:

School is


Every college student loves care packages. This fall, as millions of new freshman settle into college life, make sure the student in your life has everything they need to stay healthy and safe while they’re away at school.

Make a donation of $25 or more to Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region between now and September 30th in honor of the college student in your life, and we will send them a special care package that includes:

-24 premium Proper Attire condoms (4 each of Basic, Dots, XL, Sheer, Color, and Taste)

-assorted candies, a Planned Parenthood pencil and

-a hand written card with your message!

Send them to your granddaughter or grandson, daughter or son, sister or brother, or to anyone you care about! And while you’re at it, visit Planned Parenthood’s special website for parents for tips on how to talk to teens about sex and healthy relationships.

Your gift will help support Planned Parenthood’s efforts to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  Donate now at

Wow.  I wonder what message I would put on the card?  Have a great weekend, son?  Hope you stay wrapped up and warm this winter?  Or maybe revert back to earlier admonishments: Remember to say please and thank you, or use your indoor voice.

Any suggestions?


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One Response to Yes, This is For Real

  1. Robin Gilbert says:

    All I got in college was a care package from Bonne Bell!

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