Health Insurance is Making Me Sick!


I have just spent way too much time on the government healthcare web site trying to investigate options and apply. The good news, we can actually GET health insurance because pre existing conditions are no longer an impediment. The last time we applied for family health insurance ten years ago, no one would insure us, and we were relatively healthy! More good news, we will be paying about $117 less per month than we do now, with similar coverage, maybe, if I can get through the application process.

Okay, bad news. First, the web site application is long and tedious. Of course it is, it’s a government application! That’s like arriving at a Four Seasons and then being upset it is so expensive! First major glitch, both my hubs and my son have the same name, albeit with different middle names, so son is NOT a Jr. The application asks for full name with middle name, yet as you go on they refer to applicants only by first and last name. So questions come up, like how is Cheryl Hagnauer related to Karl Hagnauer? Well, that’s a tricky question. Husband or son? Don’t know. I took a guess at which Karl was which, and continued. (As an aside, I really don’t think my idea of getting a dog and naming him Karl is quite as funny as I used to think it was. I don’t know what cousin Karla or niece Karla would think about this either, and no, I am not kidding! Our family seems to have a distinct lack of imagination with names.)

Seriously, more than an hour later I have almost finished the basic household information part, while repeatedly being warned I had to finish in one sitting or all information would be lost. Okay, got it! Then, near the end… uh oh… system crashed, was given a phone number to call and information subsequently disappeared. I really don’t think I can face this again right now, so for now the score is government 1, me 0.


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