Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

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I often look at the long marrieds in restaurants, eating together in mutual silence, with sad and/or angry looks on their faces. I wonder what has happened in their relationship to bring it to this point, and why they would spend the money to go out to eat when obviously no one is enjoying it! Hubs and I never seem to lack things to discuss, although I must admit the quality of the conversation can be a bit, well, low, and we often employ marital conversation aids (movies, magazines, newspapers) to help lubricate the process. For example, at lunch today I was thumbing through a woman’s magazine, and noted how all of the advertisements (obviously aimed at women, selling products for women) show models with their mouths open in a frankly sexually suggestive manner. That or every model just ran a half marathon and couldn’t catch a breath, I don’t know. We all know that sex sells, but I sort of thought sex sells to men, that women were above frank sexual innuendo and/or exploitation. The feminist in me went on a slight rant about objectification, etc. I thought I was making some valid points until I looked at Hubs. “What are you doing?” “Trying to make sexy pouty lips, is it working?” Um, nope.

So on to the next conversation stimulator, the newspaper. Here’s an interesting article, pertinent to our stage of life, about 50 somethings reinventing themselves and changing careers to become more emotionally fulfilled. “Hey, it says that you should wake up every morning looking forward to your job, or you should find a new job!” We then discussed briefly if we actually knew anyone who felt this way about their careers. Probably not, a 50% happy morning goal would be pretty acceptable, we decided. I then read on, noting that in the examples given, the reinvented found happiness by finding a way to make money from their longtime interests or hobbies. “Hmm, I wonder what we like to do, and how we could turn it into a money making career?” I asked Hubs. “Prostitution?” he answered.

I think I am done trying to have intelligent conversations with said spouse today. Look for us, we will be the couple in the corner eating and not talking to each other…


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