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The Brie and Christmas Cookie Diet

People who handle stress badly tend to do it two ways: they either can’t eat (and I hate you for it and send daggers your way) or they are like me, and comfort with comfort food. 2014 was a very … Continue reading

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Contrarian’s Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

1. Eat ice cream every day, occasionally for breakfast. 2. Exercise only if it’s fun. Skating, yes! Elliptical? No! 3. Just say “no.” No explanations, no excuses, don’t do it if you don’t want to do it. 4. Stay off … Continue reading

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Money Can’t Buy You Love … Usually

I generally agree with the Grinch, that perhaps Christmas doesn’t come from a store. I am not actually very much of a “stuff” person. My closet is only half full, I get by with a few sweaters, interchangeable blouses and … Continue reading

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Just Sing the Song, Darn It!

Dear Mariah Carey et al., Please stop ruining my Christmas songs. I know your voices are amazing, you can trill and thrill with the best. The problem is, there is a melody in there somewhere, and I would like to … Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Color?

I am on the Missouri No-Call List. I am not sure what this means, as I also seem to be on the Missouri Please-Call List. Luckily, I have caller i.d. and I know how to use it. I seldom to … Continue reading

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