What’s Your Favorite Color?


I am on the Missouri No-Call List. I am not sure what this means, as I also seem to be on the Missouri Please-Call List. Luckily, I have caller i.d. and I know how to use it. I seldom to never pick up my home phone. If I want or need to talk to you, you have my cell phone number. In fact the only reason I have a home phone is for those occasions when I misplace my cell and need to call to find it. I finally decided it was time to retire the old girl, and called to cancel my home phone service. This, it seems, is a very bad move financially, for my phone bill would then increase. Neat trick! Yes, you read that correctly, if I don’t use this particular service, I will be charged more. God I love AT & T! What an amazing concept. Perhaps we could apply this to many other everyday occurrences. Grocery shopping: “I’m sorry, I am going to have to charge you an extra $3.29 because you didn’t buy any milk.” “We have to charge you and extra $25 because you have decreased your electricity usage by 10% this month.” “Your son has graduated and no longer attends the University, so we must charge you a $100 per semester ‘he’s not here anymore’ fee.” Pure genius.

I do sometimes amuse myself by answering the phone with a heavy accent, and then pretend to not understand or speak English. This is somewhat easier to do with the calls that originate from India. But to honor the Christmas season, I now jump at the chance to answer the phone with a favorite holiday movie quote. My current choice is from the classic Will Farrell movie, Elf. “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” I can almost guarantee the caller will instantly hang up, but more is the fun if he doesn’t! Keep using random quotes from your favorite Christmas classics until you win and the hang up comes from the other end. It’s kind of like having a staring contest, but with a bit of holiday cheer thrown in. You are welcome.

Francisco, that’s fun to say…


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