Money Can’t Buy You Love … Usually


I generally agree with the Grinch, that perhaps Christmas doesn’t come from a store.

I am not actually very much of a “stuff” person. My closet is only half full, I get by with a few sweaters, interchangeable blouses and multiples of the same style pants, and some skirts, when I must. The color scheme is such that one might surmise I am a professional funeral attendee. My house decor is functional, with a dash of family treasures. Jewelry doesn’t really make me happy, in fact I have been known to be less than gracious if I think someone has spent too much on such frivolity. Poor Hubs, he had to preface my 25th wedding anniversary present with “Wait, wait, don’t get mad. My mom gave me the gemstones and I just took them to the jewelry store to be set. It wasn’t expensive!” Yes, I can be very charming.

I don’t write this to laud my lack of acquisitiveness, I certainly have my weaknesses. Travel? Yes, please! Anytime, anywhere, I don’t care if it isn’t a financially prudent choice, if we have the opportunity, we are going! And dining. I hate to cook, love to eat, so dining out happens more often than not. My pocketbook and hips both take hits from this habit, but I don’t care enough to stop.

I also have one other weird little vice. I love purses. Nice purses. I blame my mother-in-law, who gave me my first gateway handbag. We all know she was secretly was hoping for a Junior League, Neiman and Saks kind of daughter-in-law, but ended up with me. Surprise! She has never tried to change me, but over the years she has tried to perform minor superficial upgrades when I wasn’t looking. Nothing stuck but the purse addiction.

So this Christmas, my darling boys (all three) pooled their money and bought a beautiful purse that I have long coveted but didn’t purchase for myself because I am too cheap cost conscious. I spent Christmas morning hugging it, and quickly transferred my girl stuff from old purse to new, then transferred back again because I absolutely am not taking my new purse out in this monsoon!

Perhaps the Grinch was wrong. Maybe I will look to my other favorite Christmas character, Buddy the Elf, who finds the Christmas joy in every little thing. I know he would love my new purse, and find it very purpley, indeed.


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No better way to get to know me than by reading my blog. It is much more the truth than you would see in person.
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4 Responses to Money Can’t Buy You Love … Usually

  1. lbeth1950 says:

    They must have been so happy to surprise you

  2. Jan Clydesdale says:

    Very nice bag/purse!! Lucky you!
    Use it as much as you can (except in the rain, of course). My mother always said, “special things are for special people not for special occasions.” I certainly believe that to be true and the older I get the more pleasure I get from the lovely things people have given me..
    Wishing you all the best for 2016 and thank you for your wonderfully entertaining writing which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading! Looking forward to following you next year.

  3. cherichat says:

    Thanks, Jan! I hope your 2016 is fabulous, as well. Cheers to the hope that life continues to be so amusing … I’m betting it will.

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