The Brie and Christmas Cookie Diet

christmas cookie

People who handle stress badly tend to do it two ways: they either can’t eat (and I hate you for it and send daggers your way) or they are like me, and comfort with comfort food. 2014 was a very rocky road (Mmmm, ice cream!) and I find myself somewhat, well, a bit zaftig. (Hmmm, sounds like fig. Figs are excellent wrapped in bacon! And what exactly is figgy pudding, and should I try some?) In fact I find myself wobbling on the precipice of 2015 somewhat fluffier than I prefer. (Homemade whipped cream is so much fluffier than the store bought, fake stuff, and so easy to make. I don’t know why anyone would buy it!)

For those of you who don’t know my husband, he is intrinsically nice and perpetually optimistic. I know, the perfect yin to my yang, who knew? So darling husband looks over at me today in my lumpy, bumpy exercise clothes and remarks “Wow, you look like you are losing weight!” “Thanks, honey, it must be that brie and Christmas cookie diet I have been following for the last few weeks.”

So I am guessing you are surmising I will now announce my resolution for 2015: to lose some weight. Nope. My resolution is to remember always what an amazing and loving partner I have, and maybe, possibly, occasionally let him know how much I love and appreciate him (just not too often as you know how men are…) The weight thing? It will take care of itself, it always does.


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