I Would Walk 500 Miles


It never seems more evident that there is a disconnect between West Coasters and real people than during awards season. First of all, they get AWARDS and applause for doing their jobs. Hmmm. One of the worst movies of last year, Grand Budapest Hotel, is running away with honors.  I enjoy slapstick humor a bit, if it is actually funny, but this movie was not.  So yesterday I went to see Wild, a movie about a woman finding herself while on a 1,000 mile trek in the wilderness. I admit I did read the book, and as usual, the book is better.

I thought I would like the movie.  I am a big fan of hiking, and finding yourself, and even Reese Witherspoon. The movie was painfully slow, awkwardly cut, and just plain boring, with a few beautiful shots of nature strewn about.  But my biggest problem with it was this.  If indeed this character walked so many miles in those dang boots, why did they look like they were straight out of the box at the end of her 1,000 miles?  Heck, my boots look way worse than hers, and probably only a have a few hundred miles on them.

Second main problem: If she walked for weeks and weeks without showering or washing, why didn’t she look like it?  Her hair was slightly oiled at the scalp, but generally she looked better than most people do when they pop up out of bed in the morning.  She looked way better than I do after a sweaty day hike. Come on, Hollywood, you can do better than insinuated slight grubbiness. I also read some reviews that touted Reese’s “brave” performance because she doesn’t wear any make-up! I am thrilled to find out that I was so brave approximately 200 days last year, and all of January so far this year!

So I compared my opinion of the movie with the critics.  As usual, most raved and loved it, with a very few exceptions.  Laura Dern, whose confusing mom character seems either drug addicted, drunk, or just plain manic, gets an Academy Award nomination for this?  Reese Witherspoon, also nominated, just wasn’t believable as a tough chick/drug user with a potty mouth. I just don’t understand…

I have seen most of the Academy Award nominated movies, and I thought Imitation Game far outshined any other movies I saw this year. The Theory of Everything was very good, and Boyhood was a unique, not riveting but original movie, which is saying something in these days of sequels and same story-ness.

At the very least, Midwest moms should be employed as movie critics. Better still I think Hollywood should hire a middle aged mom type person as a consultant on each movie. We don’t fall for fluff, or trends, and you really can’t blow smoke up anywhere upon us. We would notice the obvious Hollywoody flaws, and question often whether the Emperor indeed does or does not wear new clothes.


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