Oh Grocery Store, How I Love Thee

Thanks, Schnucks, for making a mundane trip to procure food much more of an adventure. I love that you constantly move items around, so that finding my favorite brand of chips (of course NOT in the chip aisle) is more like a scavenger hunt. Over the past few months I have noticed many favorite brands either disappearing or rearranged on the lowest shelves so all that is really visible is Schnucks brand whatever. This is not a problem for most things, but I want my Prairie Farms cottage cheese and my Pepperidge Farm croutons!!!

I also like your discounts, three for X dollars. I am so appreciative of this encouragement to buy multiples. I know I, for one, will never run out of creamed corn. Oh wait, you still get this discount price with just one item? Hmmmm. I especially enjoy your wine department, with your screaming yellow sales tags on just about every bottle. The weird thing is that your “regular” prices are generally substantially higher than the St. Louis norm, and your “sale” prices are just about the “regular” price at other outlets.

Your cooking magazine is helpful, as well. I love that you feel the need to specify such things as “Schnucks butter” in the recipes. Woe to the recipe failee who uses a non-store brand… yikes!

Of course my favorite part of the shopping experience is discovering exciting, unique and certainly aesthetically intriguing gems tucked around every corner. Who doesn’t want a $20 decorative white chicken, made in China?


Or the equally enticing, yet more colorful $85 rooster type thingie?


There is also a beautiful hound dog statue, which I am really tempted to buy, as I have the real thing at home, and he just ate one of my couch pillows.


It seems to me, Schnucks, that you are making some smart marketing moves. Your are successfully promoting and encouraging customers to buy your own brands, you are using just about every sales ploy known to retail, and you are obviously selling bunches of weird crap that certainly must provide extremely high margins.

My only question to you: If your marketing strategies and inventory selection are indeed improving store profit, why is it that you employ such a high percentage of part-time workers who start at a measly $7.70 per hour, minus union dues?

Something to ponder as we enjoy choked white chicken with greedy sauce for dinner this evening.



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