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A Feminist Take on Viagra

If you are squeamish and/or do not like frank discussions of sexuality, stop reading. To my now-grown sons, yes, mommy and daddy do have sex, but you might not want to read about the details… Is it just me, or … Continue reading

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The Secret is Out, and it’s a Boy

I never knew my husband had a son from a previous liaison.  Neither did he.  We found out a few years ago from Cigna HealthCare, which provided us with insurance cards for me, Hubs, and sons K.C., Tyler, and… Alex?  I … Continue reading

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No, YOU shut up!

Thanks to some unexpected down time (see previous posts… love ya, US Air!) I recently enjoyed an extended chance to explore the many ways of amusing myself during a (sorry!) terminal wait at an airport. Hubs and I did the … Continue reading

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High, Flying Adored

I simply adore flying. I love the clean, crisp smell when you enter any airport, the friendly greetings you get from airline personnel, the welcoming, “thanks for your business” attitude that pervades every interaction. I, for one, feel so much … Continue reading

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What a Bunch of Crepe

I simply love my new/old step stool chair in my kitchen, it’s so retro… just like my little kitchen television that only receives local channels. Most mornings you will find me perched on the stool and pulled up to the … Continue reading

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You’re Hired! (Not)

Honest self evaluation places my job search effort at about 13% at this point, a year into my mid-life “sabbatical.” I do, however, put 100% effort into reading about getting jobs. I am really good at that. The last self-help … Continue reading

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Almost as Fun as a Root Canal

Here I stand, hat in hand, balancing on the precipice of 54 years old, asking people young enough to be my children to please give me some consideration as a possible job candidate. After 10 years of running a retail … Continue reading

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