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Sticks, Stones and Fun Crushing

I don’t think anyone has escaped into adulthood without experiencing the searing pain of name-calling. The “sticks and stones” theory that words can’t hurt you is a fallacy. Words do hurt, sometimes they can be more pointed than the sharpest … Continue reading

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Big, But Not So Easy

People watching, fabulous food, excitingly different culture? Yes, please! That is why I love New Orleans. It’s close enough to home for a weekend jaunt, yet it’s a whole different country. First, the language. Sure the people in town speak … Continue reading

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Falling In Love Again

I know, I am surprised, too! I find myself in the unusual situation of finally deciding to seek another love to add to my life. Yes, I have known love; intense, heart-breaking, wonderful love; experienced the piercing grief of loss, … Continue reading

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