Falling In Love Again

I know, I am surprised, too! I find myself in the unusual situation of finally deciding to seek another love to add to my life. Yes, I have known love; intense, heart-breaking, wonderful love; experienced the piercing grief of loss, and feel ready to love again.

Years ago when entering into this process, people usually met future loves through friends, or friends of friends, or socially. Now it seems everyone meets online. This is a fun past-time, perusing pictures and brief personality profiles. Some pictures look so cute I know that their photo-shop apps are sizzling. Other pictures make me say “Really? Is that truly the best you can look? Couldn’t you at least clean up a bit?”

Anyway, I did see a cute guy who definitely caught my interest. He is tall, handsome, a little lean for my taste, but still, quite a looker. His personality profile said he was fairly mellow, loved sports, swimming, dogs and kids. I decided to take a chance.

We met the correct way, for a short period of time, during the day, with lots of others around for safety. I have to say I was impressed. He was friendly, affectionate, very interested in me and unexpectedly goofy, which I liked. He did not seem too forthcoming with his past, but I got the impression any issues and/or emotional pain have been handled.

I decided to take a big leap and have him over to meet the family. After all, If he was to become part of my life, he would have to become part of my family’s life as well. Most were thrilled with the possibility of someone joining our family, especially son Tyler who, even at age 21, is always looking for a sports playmate. Daughter Lily was slightly less thrilled. I’ll be honest, Lily is spoiled, and it is my fault. I have not set enough boundaries, I give in to her whining, and I have definitely helped create her sense of entitlement. She accepted the new guy, even let him play with her a bit, but let him know in no uncertain terms that I was hers, and she was not yet willing to share me. She was actually a bit bratty.

I don’t believe in rushing into lifelong commitments, and “Simon” knew we were, in effect, auditioning him for our family. After he left, I found myself thinking about him, and missing him. I finally decided he should come for a sleepover. I know many of you don’t believe this is a good idea, especially with children in the house, and have strong opinions about bringing someone into the home who might not be permanent, but I felt it was the right thing to do.

“Simon” had a rocky start. He was rather shocked by Lily’s constant need to agitate and harass him, Lily was surprised that “Simon” and I wanted to enjoy some quiet time together without her interference. She kept trying to worm her way between us on the (her) couch. I found “Simon” to be even more endearingly sweet and affectionate, but truth be told he is kind of a sloppy kisser. He also lied in his profile about the sports thing. He can’t catch a ball to save his life. And he snores…

Anyway, life is all about taking chances and finding new love. “Simon” is now “Otis” and will be joining our family on Thursday. Thanks, Retrievers and Friends St. Louis.


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No better way to get to know me than by reading my blog. It is much more the truth than you would see in person.
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1 Response to Falling In Love Again

  1. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover says:

    It would have been love at first sight with me, I’m surprised you held out for a couple of dates.

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