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Green: The Color of Envy (And Asparagus)

One of the greatest ironies in life is that as we age, slow down and grow a bit weary, we must exercise more and eat less to stay trim. Our brains want us to lie on the couch, snack and … Continue reading

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My Blue Key

I walk into my father’s room and his eyes usually light up with recognition. I am not sure he knows it’s me, exactly, but he knows it is someone who loves and cares about him. “Hi, Dad, It’s Cheri” is … Continue reading

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Who Do I Have To Sleep With?

I have insomnia. The cause can be boiled down into four categories: Husband Menopause Mom-ness And this: Let’s start with the first. Oh, Hubs. His snoring has been dubbed both “awesome” and “epic” by people not sleeping in the same … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Dogs

This was written a few years ago after my darling Charlie succumbed to cancer. Because of Charlie (and Sammie, and Melvin, and Melvin), my heart expands, eventually breaks, and then becomes even larger, with room for yet another love. Six … Continue reading

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