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Green: The Color of Envy (And Asparagus)

One of the greatest ironies in life is that as we age, slow down and grow a bit weary, we must exercise more and eat less to stay trim. Our brains want us to lie on the couch, snack and … Continue reading

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My Blue Key

I walk into my father’s room and his eyes usually light up with recognition. I am not sure he knows it’s me, exactly, but he knows it is someone who loves and cares about him. “Hi, Dad, It’s Cheri” is … Continue reading

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Who Do I Have To Sleep With?

I have insomnia. The cause can be boiled down into four categories: Husband Menopause Mom-ness And this: Let’s start with the first. Oh, Hubs. His snoring has been dubbed both “awesome” and “epic” by people not sleeping in the same … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Dogs

This was written last March after my darling Charlie succumbed to cancer. I am posting this again as today is a big day, we are adopting a new family member. Because of Charlie (and Sammie, and Melvin, and Melvin), my … Continue reading

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