Why I Hate Dogs

This was written last March after my darling Charlie succumbed to cancer. I am posting this again as today is a big day, we are adopting a new family member. Because of Charlie (and Sammie, and Melvin, and Melvin), my heart expands, eventually breaks, and then becomes even larger, with room for yet another love.


Why I hate dogs:

They unexpectedly appear at the most inopportune time. They coerce you into adopting them, against all reason (yes, “puppy dog eyes” really do work). They bound into your life already jam packed with kids, an aging dog, aging parents, gerbils(!?), work, stress, and a schedule that would make a weaker person weep. They come into your life not completely potty trained, and they leave your life not completely potty trained. They smell, eat disgusting things, have embarrassing hygiene habits and shed… everywhere… like in the freezer.

They hog the couch, the bed and the covers. They refuse to let anyone get a late start to any day, ever. They will not allow anyone to be in a bad mood or feel sorry for themselves for just one day. They insist on smiling, and wiggling, and playing. They make you exercise and get outdoors way more than you intended.

They greet you at the door and remind you home is a place of unconditional love… and doggy dirt. Eventually they keep your empty nest from feeling so empty.

They steal your heart, and then break it. They become your best friend, constant companion and bathroom escort/monitor. They teach you about enjoying the simple things in life and living life in the moment. Then they look to you to care for them and keep them safe and comfortable as their lessons to teach and their brief time in your life come to an end. Although they can’t speak, they tell you when it’s time to let go and say final goodbyes. They trust you.

Charlie, you will always be with me. Thanks for adding so much love and joy to my life.


About cherichat

No better way to get to know me than by reading my blog. It is much more the truth than you would see in person.
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