Pop Goes the Twelve Year Old

ariana grande

I had the pleasure of seeing just a snippet of Ariana Grande’s new video release while watching the Today Show this week. I think the song is entitled “Please Stick it in My Mouth” or something to that effect. Admittedly it was just a short clip, but all I could see was a seemingly lengthy montage of sticky-candy lips, begging for something… To be fair, there was a bit of self stimulation and grinding thrown in for good measure.

I love music, all types of music. I just don’t know if Ariana Grande has any talent. Singers of her ilk are so sexualized, over produced and auto corrected that it’s hard to tell if they could even carry a tune in one of their over-sized, ridiculously expensive handbags. These singers are so busy licking their lips, rubbing, gyrating and giving themselves such a good dose of foreplay that the music seems an afterthought. I am starting to think that the intrinsic beauty and poetry of some types music and musical “artists” have been infiltrated and superseded by the porn industry.

I have no problem with sexy. Sexy, as a part of entertainment, sells. It’s just a problem when “sexy” overshadows everything, and any artistry that could possibly be involved degenerates into a mission to pop twelve year olds.

But here is the real problem. Do we, as a society, really want our sons, and especially daughters, to watch this drivel and think this is how a young woman should present herself to the world, in order to be successful? Rumor has it that Ariana Grande actually has a fantastic voice, a four-octave range reminiscent of Mariah Carey. Why is that talent hidden away for the sake of prurient entertainment? Do we want this generation of young girls to think that “sexy” is the most important aspect of themselves? That their talents alone aren’t enough, and must be over saturated in a cloud of sexual innuendo and provocative clothing?

Generations of women who came before these girls were glad to break barriers, to embrace sexual freedom and sexual equality as one aspect of their lives. How has it degenerated to become the most important?

Don’t believe me? Check out this new Ariana Grande video, and for fun, turn off the volume… https://youtu.be/lf_wVfwpfp8


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2 Responses to Pop Goes the Twelve Year Old

  1. Zambian Lady says:

    Give me the good old musicians – I was actually listening to Boney M the other day. I could not believe what mostly good clean songs used to be back in the day. Even the love songs were clean.

  2. Nancy says:

    As the mother of a seventeen year old girl I scream a resounding NO this is not what we want for our daughters!! I am very proud of my girl’s ability to pick out this kind of crap in the media and turn up her nose at it. It’s a shame that the forces guiding Miss Grande’s career can’t just let her voice do the talking! Lots of young people out there would listen.

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