And Don’t Stick Beans Up Your Nose


I love going to movies, once a week or so makes me happy. Some are fantastic, a few are awful and most are mildly entertaining. No matter, they are a wonderful respite from the sometimes rocky reality of life. Bonus: for those long marrieds who sometimes struggle for fresh discussion topics, go see a movie.

Hubs and I have a routine. We like to arrive early and settle in before previews and whatever commercial-y, game show-y, public service-y stuff is presented. Of course he gets popcorn, which I detest, and eat half. We do the old “thumbs up, thumbs down” for each preview, and enjoy singing along (quietly, before the main movie!) to the movie theater jingle. (You know you do it, you are probably doing it right now while reading this.)

There are the demonstrations of the surround sound system with whooshing from all corners, as well as some cartoony bits letting us know that our cell phones should be silenced and/or we should not talk throughout the movie. (What?)

Today, though, was a first. After the previews and before the whooshing, we were apprised of a public service announcement screen, with voiceover reminding us we should not aim lasers at planes, and it’s a FELONY! I looked at Hubs and said “Well, crap, NOW what are we going to do after the movie?”

I have a hard time believing that this Saturday matinee audience, filled with mostly close-to or landed geriatrics watching Helen Mirren emote in “The Hundred Foot Journey” are people who often or even have EVER thought about aiming lasers at planes. I am equally sure that someone who thought it WAS a good idea to aim lasers at planes would not be deterred by a public service announcement before a movie.

So how do they decide which dangerous action/felony should be addressed to the movie going audience? Why lasers at planes? Why not tell everyone not to drive blindfolded, or torpedo a boat, or throw grenades into houses? Who decides which random act of stupid felonious activity is the one that needs to be addressed before a movie? Do you think anyone, ever, says “well, I was going to go out and aim a laser at a plane, but I found out it is DANGEROUS and a FELONY so I won’t! Thanks, movie theater!”

I don’t know about you, but I feel much safer. I am also not going to stick a fork in my eye, but I don’t really need a public service announcement to help me make that decision.


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