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I Win I Win I Win

“I win I win I win!” he cried joyfully as he ran celebratory laps around the kitchen table, fists pumping in the air, arms flailing. This was the reaction of my then seven-year-old son on being crowned the first winner of our … Continue reading

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Thanks, Teach!

I think we all have that one teacher, that one unforgettable educator that made a profound difference in our lives and/or the lives of our children. I would like to specifically acknowledge my sons’ junior high social studies teacher. I … Continue reading

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Clown Pants

In this best of all Mays, I feel the need to acknowledge the man who has been next to me, riding that same rollercoaster and holding my hand for almost 30 years (June 14th!). I think about our wedding vows … Continue reading

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Graduation, Sorta

I cried today, no surprise to anyone who knows me. It’s a trait I inherited from my Mom. One of many. My older son was the cause. Even he admits he was quite the handful to raise, and this is certainly not the … Continue reading

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