There’s a Hole in that Bucket


I am of the age that a bucket list is an important consideration. I have the usual: travel more, try things outside my comfort zone, etc. But I think one of the best things about getting older is increased wisdom. Perhaps we should not be focusing on bucket lists exclusively. We may want to consider the opposite of a bucket list. (Hmmm, what’s the opposite of bucket? A colander list?) I think we should also concoct a list of things we want to sift and separate from our lives. Here are my top 10.

  1. Holding onto grudges and old hurts. It’s over, who cares? Most people try to be the best version of themselves most of the time. Some are more successful than others.
  2. Caring what other people think. With age comes the realization that I have no influence on others’ opinions of me. Frankly most people aren’t thinking about me, anyway, and I am only in charge of my own behavior, actions and attitude. No matter how we try, we can’t make people think about us in any certain way.
  3. Obsessing with appearance. Most people who shower and exhibit a modicum of  interest in hygiene are passably attractive. After that, they vary on the scale due to their inside matter.
  4. Comparing myself to others or seeing life as a competition. I have come to realize that my success or failure is defined only by me, and tearing someone else down never raises me up. We are all on this journey together, and we don’t know others’ struggles.
  5.  Being critical to my reflection. I no longer sigh about dimpled thighs, or grab an extra pinch of fat in disgust. This amazing body has gotten me through so much, so far, and it is a very lovely house for my essence.
  6. Getting involved in drama. By the time one reaches the fifties, he or she has probably faced many trying times and flown over or crashed into many hurdles. Drama for drama’s sake, gossip, taking sides, nope. Second, third and hundredth chances and unlimited forgiveness are much better choices. There is no such thing as a one-sided fight.
  7. Focusing too much on the future. World events and our own lives teach us every day that the future is not guaranteed. Today is the day that counts. Enjoy it, even if it is a dark day, you can find a sliver of light if you seek it.
  8. Being afraid.  It’s time to take chances, try new experiences, change and grow. Time is ticking, and I don’t want to be on my deathbed saying “I wish I would have ______.”
  9. Denying life’s joys. Take that slice of pie, say “yes” to the new experience, venture to Europe, fall or stay in love, notice the beauty all around.
  10. Brazilian waxes. Seriously, just say no …






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No better way to get to know me than by reading my blog. It is much more the truth than you would see in person.
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