Island Crabs


Being self-aware is a gift. So many of us go about our lives in an oblivious, bumbling fog,  blaming other people or situations for our own rather predictable reactions.

The lucky few know themselves and can accurately forecast their conduct, harnessing the power of their positive behaviors and at the very least acknowledging their negatives.

Such is my elder son.

In just 13 days, six hours and four minutes, Hubs and I are taking our sons on a family vacation, highly recommended when your kids are adults. We were discussing the third leg of the 13 travel hours, multi-day venture to get to our favorite secret island hideaway, recently besmirched by a reality TV dating show. (The show is Couples, please, please don’t watch, because I don’t want people to discover my paradise, and bonus: it’s a horrible show.) We were trying to decide just what time to book our ferry from St. Maarten, the larger Caribbean gateway island, to our tiny strip of Eden. One boat leaves only 30 minutes after we land, an almost impossible challenge against the island time ebb and flow of the St. Maarten airport. The next ferry leaves 90 minutes after touchdown. We will certainly make that one, but will have some inevitable down time.

Logical son states “We should definitely book the later ferry. We probably wouldn’t make the first one.”

I reply “Well, we could possibly. But you’re right (his favorite phrase, I throw it to him like a bone now and again). We’ll have a lot of sitting around time, though, looking longingly across the sea. You have to promise not to crab.”

Son replies “Oh, I’ll definitely crab, but it’s the right choice.”

To thine own self be true … and crabby.

Hoping the bar across the street from the port is open …


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