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10 Things That Made Me Laugh Today

I scrolled past a clickbait article entitled “How Marriage Made Me a Better Man” by Kanye West. I actually read an article that explained if you think you would be happier in five years without your spouse, your marriage is more … Continue reading

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Theirs a Problem Hear

I love words. I love language. I love rules. Grammar rules, especially the arcane, inexplicable kind, intrigue me. I would sign the petition to bring back who and whom. I would travel farther down the road if it would further the … Continue reading

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MIZ WTF, Part2

But what about the fraternity’s well-known kitten sacrifice ritual? Oh, Mizzou, my alma mater … A few weeks ago, a fraternity was accused of hurling racial slurs at a group of students that were gathered on their front lawn. Although … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras Movements

As most of you know, we are moving to Colorado … someday … I hope … but that’s another story. As we plan to leave the town both of us have called home for our entire lives, we find ourselves a … Continue reading

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She Said What?

“I hope your mom dies today.” “Thank you!” What would you think if you heard this exchange at your local beauty salon? This was a conversation between me and my hairdresser/friend of over thirty years. We hugged and then glanced around … Continue reading

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