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Ah Yes, I Remember It Well

2016. Many are glad it’s over. There were so many heartbreaking world events; terrorism, refugee crises, wars, civil unrest, murders and political strife. I was shocked to see the vitriol and anger espoused from different factions in our political process. … Continue reading

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Here Comes Santa Cottontail

I am not sure of the wisdom of a couple in their mid-fifties (and that’s a kindly stretch for Hubs) adopting a preternaturally active rescue dog. You would think the obvious border collie markings and herding tendencies would have warned us. But seriously. … Continue reading

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Buzzkill McGhee

I have a shocking confession to make. I sleep with someone besides my husband. He shares his bed with another, as well. Perhaps this is the key to our rather successful thirty-plus year union? Don’t judge, it works for us. … Continue reading

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