Ah Yes, I Remember It Well



Many are glad it’s over. There were so many heartbreaking world events; terrorism, refugee crises, wars, civil unrest, murders and political strife.

I was shocked to see the vitriol and anger espoused from different factions in our political process. People I know personally to be universally kind, considerate and just plain “good folk” took to social media and did things they never would do to a person’s face … name call, make fun, berate. The country seems more divided than I have even seen. This was 2016.

Yesterday in the grocery store, a nice young man asked me how I was. I said “Fine, and you?” He smiled and answered “Fantastic. I woke up this morning. It’s a gift every day.”

So 2016. I’m still here. My loved ones are still here. Most are healthy. Hubs and I celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary on our favorite island with our two sons and our dearest friends. Son one graduated law school and is gainfully employed at his dream job. Son two graduated college and is employed, figuring out what his dream job will be.

We ourselves finally fulfilled our own dream and bought property where we want to spend our future.

I remember nights of laughter; quiet, peaceful times at home, simply reading and reflecting. Dinners with friends, family holidays, dog walks, sunsets and sunrises.

Son two, after working non-stop (extra kudos to those in the booze biz over the holidays!) with only Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off, is exhausted. A few days ago he filled his car with gas and accidentally dropped his wallet. Not thinking there was a possibility someone would turn it in, he still returned to the gas station thirty minutes later, when he realized his wallet was missing. Someone had turned it in, everything intact.

Bad things happen. They always do and always will. But if Anne Frank can believe most people are good, I certainly can, too. When the big picture looks gloomy, sometimes the smaller snapshots are beautifully hyper focused, and perhaps even more important. My resolution for 2017 is to be grateful.

2016, thank you for your 365 gifts. 2017, I am excited to meet you!

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No better way to get to know me than by reading my blog. It is much more the truth than you would see in person.
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