Ode To a Basement Dweller


The time has finally arrived. Our nest will once again be empty, starting this Saturday. Our basement dweller of almost a year is moving into his own apartment.

There are certainly plusses and minuses to this development. Basement dweller (BD) has brought a lot to the table (often literally, and usually junk) during his lower-level habitation. On the plus side:

  • We sat down as a family and ate dinner together most nights. He helped us realized that whether it’s two, three, or four of us, we are always a family.
  • Hubs had a playmate and fellow sports watcher. This gave me more book time, and a reading mommy is a happy mommy, so it was a win for everyone.
  • I am severely technologically challenged. BD usually was available to fix the television for me when I couldn’t figure out how to use it (yet again.) Okay, I’ll be completely honest. There was also someone to show me how to use our dagburn toaster oven that has been the nadir of my existence for multiple years. In fact, I just thought of a fantastic housewarming gift for BD, don’t tell him.
  • We did things; board games, backyard stuff tossing, puppy playtime, baseball games, even a Blue’s hockey game.
  • The boy makes me laugh. Truly, it’s like having a comedian living in your home. His sarcasm is searing and his humor often inappropriate, which heightens the amusement factor for me.
  • Hubs received a very minimal reprieve from my nagging, as there is only so much one woman can do! I was more focused on BD. In fact, I did such a good job that I got a promotion and new job title. I used to be The Funcrusher.  I have been promoted to Dreamcrusher. I am very proud. Unfortunately the pay scale stays the same.
  • I never had to look anything up in the urban dictionary, I just asked BD.
  • He was rather easy to get along with, and fairly low maintenance.

Yes, there were some negatives, in no particular order, except I am starving from week three of my diet, and I only have lost a couple of pounds, which makes me quite hangry … so first up:

  • That irritating little BD has lost a substantial amount of weight from eating what I am cooking for my diet, and looks great … I hate him right now.
  • I am sick of the overflow. Piles of clothes in his upstairs room, boxes of college junk in his brother’s, shoes (well, usually just one) in the front hallway, gym shorts in the middle of the family room, wet towels over kitchen chairs, cereal bowls left to grow weird stuff in the basement, hats and coats on the banister. He’s not the neatest of men.
  • When my kids are living away from home, I worry less. I don’t know what time they come home, or what they are doing and with whom. It is really a better arrangement for the whole family.
  • He is a much more picky eater than Hubs and I. And he expects dinner most nights. And he doesn’t consider popcorn as dinner.

Okay, the biggest benefit to BD moving? I won’t feel like I have to lasso up and encase the girls when I go downstairs in the morning, and once again will feel free to run down partially dressed or less to get something from the laundry room. At first, I thought my no bra/partially naked/naked self-imposed ban was weird, but I talked to other mothers of boys (men), and we all feel the same way. There is no reason to add “seeing Mom’s pendulous old-lady breasts” to the list of our sons’ discussion topics with future psychologists.

So goodbye to my favorite basement dweller. Fly out of the nest and soar.

Would you like to come over for dinner next week?


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