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Of Pot and Axe

I get incensed when I read those click bait articles regarding 10 things older women should not wear, or 14 make-up don’ts for those over forty, acceptable hairstyles for older women, etc… This type of drivel is obviously (poorly) written … Continue reading

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Debating Dumb

  Trust me, it’s not political, keep reading. There is a great debate in the Hag’s house whether our much-loved canine cohort is, indeed, dumb. There is evidence to support this theory. She hasn’t learned to open doors, like one … Continue reading

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Guns Or Butter

In college economics classes, we learned “guns or butter” to simplify a country’s compromise between military/defense spending (guns) and investment in the production of goods (butter). What was demonstrated is that you can’t have all of one, or the other suffers. It … Continue reading

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