10 Things I Never Said …

mountain lion

Things are a bit different living in a small mountain town. There are mostly positives in my wonderful new hometown of Estes Park, Colorado, a few minor negatives, and some necessary lifestyle adjustments. One the plus side, I find myself saying rather surprising things, never once uttered on the paved pathways of suburban St. Louis, Missouri.

Here are my top 10 new utterances from my mountaintop hideaway:

  1. Sorry I’m late, I got caught in a turkey jam.
  2. I hope that’s the wind, and not a bear.
  3. Did you strap down the barbecue grill?
  4. Is that a bobcat or a mountain lion?
  5. 83 degrees? It is so HOT!
  6. Don’t step in the elk poop.
  7. It’s an easy walk, less than six miles.
  8. To get to our house, take the gravel road that looks like you’re driving off the side of the mountain.
  9. Is that a moose on our neighbor’s deck? (Yes, it was.)
  10. Did you remember to freeze the garbage? (Bears are drawn to trash like people to McDonalds. Like our love of fast food, the bears probably know it’s not good for them, but sometimes they can’t resist. They will break into garages, cars, houses, anywhere they smell enticing leftovers. We put our oddments in the freezer, and take them out on trash day, which is whatever day we decided to drive down to the town dump.)*

*Another reason I loves Estes? The town would like us all to call the dump by its official name, the Transfer Station.  No one does.

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No better way to get to know me than by reading my blog. It is much more the truth than you would see in person.
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