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If I Ran the Zoo

“But If I ran the zoo,”                                                                                                                           Said young Gerald McGrew,                                                                                                                 “I’d make a few changes.                                                                                                               That’s just what I’d do … “. If I Ran the Zoo, by Dr. Seuss, was one of my early childhood favorites. Like many things from … Continue reading

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Of Moose and “Men”

Things that made me laugh today, Estes Park edition: “Do you want to see a moose?” Not something I would expect to hear in my previous life in suburbia, so it prompted me to jump out of bed, throw on … Continue reading

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Pass the Pi

I have this thing my husband calls my patent-pending salmon maneuver. If I see crowds going one way, I am compelled to go the opposite direction. If you tell me to do something, it’s very likely I won’t. I am in no way … Continue reading

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Frozen Custard and Ravioli

Nothing exemplifies the incongruity of my old life with my new like a pair of white debutante ball gloves. Oh, people in Estes Park, Colorado, do use leather gloves, but they are usually of the real work or calf-roping type rather than … Continue reading

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Hey, Who’s Craig?

Ten things I learned while trying to sell stuff on craigslist: Nobody wants your damn 1990’s armoire/entertainment cabinets. They may be  limited production La-Dee-Dah brand, made by free-range leprechauns using extinct, hand-massaged mahogany and unicorn horns, but they are worth … nothing. No … Continue reading

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Look, Up In the Sky …

I don’t mean to brag, but my husband has a giant telescope. Space, and stars, and all things astronomical are a huge hobby. Did you know there is even a NASA television station? I have caught him watching many times, and … Continue reading

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Singin’ in the Rain

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is snuggling down in front of the fire with the family,* sipping wine and watching some of our most beloved movies. Fortunately for me, this intimate group is overpopulated by nerds, and we love us … Continue reading

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