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Ode To a Basement Dweller

The time has finally arrived. Our nest will once again be empty, starting this Saturday. Our basement dweller of almost a year is moving into his own apartment. There are certainly plusses and minuses to this development. Basement dweller (BD) has … Continue reading

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Need A Math Tutor?

You have to love a place that has “Café” in its name, yet doesn’t serve food. Husbands, take notice. Saturday was a dream day for me. Perhaps it was repayment for my attendance at a Blues’ hockey game the week before, … Continue reading

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A Day as a Debutante

  Those of you following along may remember I have made a bucket list of sorts, full of St. Louis-y things I want to experience before we sally forth to Colorado. Now that the pendulum of our move is swinging more … Continue reading

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Nashville Without Music

I’ll just say it. I am not a huge fan of country music. Oh sure, I do enjoy a cold beer on a Friday night, and I am sure that none of you are woman enough to take my man, but … Continue reading

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10 Things That Made Me Laugh Today

I scrolled past a clickbait article entitled “How Marriage Made Me a Better Man” by Kanye West. I actually read an article that explained if you think you would be happier in five years without your spouse, your marriage is more … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Yogurt

I have a love/hate relationship with my local grocery store. I know where to find things (until they randomly move something), I know many of the (understandably disgruntled) employees, and the price is reasonable (even though they employ marketing tricks a … Continue reading

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Old McDonald Found a Sucker …

In my grandparents’ day, farm to table was not a designation. It was called dinner. My grandfather was a farmer, among many other things. Other family members were also farmers. If one family raised hogs, another grew corn and soy … Continue reading

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