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Need A Math Tutor?

You have to love a place that has “Café” in its name, yet doesn’t serve food. Husbands, take notice. Saturday was a dream day for me. Perhaps it was repayment for my attendance at a Blues’ hockey game the week before, … Continue reading

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Pass the Pi

I have this thing my husband calls my patent-pending salmon maneuver. If I see crowds going one way, I am compelled to go the opposite direction. If you tell me to do something, it’s very likely I won’t. I am in no way … Continue reading

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Buzzkill McGhee

I have a shocking confession to make. I sleep with someone besides my husband. He shares his bed with another, as well. Perhaps this is the key to our rather successful thirty-plus year union? Don’t judge, it works for us. … Continue reading

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I Am A Liar!

  I am a liar. Oh, not on the level of a politician, or even a four-year-old boy covered head to toe in chocolate sauce, but I do occasionally enjoy a bit of prevarication. I consider it performance art, a … Continue reading

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I Win I Win I Win

“I win I win I win!” he cried joyfully as he ran celebratory laps around the kitchen table, fists pumping in the air, arms flailing. This was the reaction of my then seven-year-old son on being crowned the first winner of our … Continue reading

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Clown Pants

In this best of all Mays, I feel the need to acknowledge the man who has been next to me, riding that same rollercoaster and holding my hand for almost 30 years (June 14th!). I think about our wedding vows … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin Pie Theory of Love

  A few years ago, I was giving marital advice (I am sure unsolicited) to my then twenty-something nephew. He was questioning how you truly know you have picked the right person to have by your side for the rest … Continue reading

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