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Green: The Color of Envy (And Asparagus)

One of the greatest ironies in life is that as we age, slow down and grow a bit weary, we must exercise more and eat less to stay trim. Our brains want us to lie on the couch, snack and … Continue reading

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Who Do I Have To Sleep With?

I have insomnia. The cause can be boiled down into four categories: Husband Menopause Mom-ness And this: Let’s start with the first. Oh, Hubs. His snoring has been dubbed both “awesome” and “epic” by people not sleeping in the same … Continue reading

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I’ll See Your 20, and Raise You 30

Over the last few weeks I have frequently stumbled across sponsored articles on my facebook newsfeed with blurbs and lists regarding what middle-aged women should stop doing immediately. The most recent is from and features, for some reason, a … Continue reading

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Taking My Lumps

The Universe seems to have decided that I am mostly unemployable at a professional level. Although I have a degree (University of Missouri School of Journalism, yes, I am proud of it!) and years of experience in sales, marketing, editing … Continue reading

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I am SO Glamourous

I weirdly look forward to retrieving the mail every day. My heart perks up each time I pull down the door and peer inside, hoping for a throwback to the good old days with a letter (remember those?), or even … Continue reading

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So it’s been about 3 1/2 years since I have posted here.  Nothing much in that time, really, just livin’ the dream….  Let’s just say the time has performed amazing, quite degenerative things on my mind and body. But I’m still … Continue reading

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