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Need A Math Tutor?

You have to love a place that has “CafĂ©” in its name, yet doesn’t serve food. Husbands, take notice. Saturday was a dream day for me. Perhaps it was repayment for my attendance at a Blues’ hockey game the week before, … Continue reading

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Old McDonald Found a Sucker …

In my grandparents’ day, farm to table was not a designation. It was called dinner. My grandfather was a farmer, among many other things. Other family members were also farmers. If one family raised hogs, another grew corn and soy … Continue reading

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You’re Hired! (Not)

Honest self evaluation places my job search effort at about 13% at this point, a year into my mid-life “sabbatical.” I do, however, put 100% effort into reading about getting jobs. I am really good at that. The last self-help … Continue reading

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So This Is Love

I am a contrarian. I revel in rejecting the norm, not doing what is expected, and turning the opposite direction of the crowd flow. I have a distinctly ambivalent (is that even possible?) view of Valentine’s Day. Yes, I love … Continue reading

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Can’t Touch This

We all realize there are many types of subtle maneuverings designed to get us to spend more in retail and service situations. We know that is why we must run the snaky gauntlet of impulse buy crap every time we … Continue reading

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