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Hey, Who’s Craig?

Ten things I learned while trying to sell stuff on craigslist: Nobody wants your damn 1990’s armoire/entertainment cabinets. They may be  limited production La-Dee-Dah brand, made by free-range leprechauns using extinct, hand-massaged mahogany and unicorn horns, but they are worth … nothing. No … Continue reading

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Boxes of Boxes

I am not a “stuff” person. Hubs and I have surprisingly little amounts of boxed treasures or doodads, displayed or hidden. Our decorative taste can best be described as minimalist. This has been an intentional decision, a continual process of … Continue reading

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10 Things That Made Me Laugh Today

I scrolled past a clickbait article entitled “How Marriage Made Me a Better Man” by Kanye West. I actually read an article that explained if you think you would be happier in five years without your spouse, your marriage is more … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Yogurt

I have a love/hate relationship with my local grocery store. I know where to find things (until they randomly move something), I know many of the (understandably disgruntled) employees, and the price is reasonable (even though they employ marketing tricks a … Continue reading

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And I’m Running With Scissors

I love my local grocery store. It’s always an adventure. Sure, they are usually out of at least two to three common items on my list, and the extra bags to keep chicken and meat from oozing over fresh veggies … Continue reading

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Don’t Shop Small Business Saturday

Yep, you heard me. Don’t participate in Small Business Saturday. This message is not for the fabulous community supporters who frequent small businesses consistently, and understand that neighborhood stores are the backbone of a community. This message is not for … Continue reading

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Green: The Color of Envy (And Asparagus)

One of the greatest ironies in life is that as we age, slow down and grow a bit weary, we must exercise more and eat less to stay trim. Our brains want us to lie on the couch, snack and … Continue reading

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Money Can’t Buy You Love … Usually

I generally agree with the Grinch, that perhaps Christmas doesn’t come from a store. I am not actually very much of a “stuff” person. My closet is only half full, I get by with a few sweaters, interchangeable blouses and … Continue reading

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Black is the New Vapid

I am a news junkie. Newspapers, that darling, dying breed, will always be my first love, but I will consume almost anything: network, cable, internet, even morning “news” shows. Yes, I understand the lines between entertainment and information no longer … Continue reading

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I am SO Glamourous

I weirdly look forward to retrieving the mail every day. My heart perks up each time I pull down the door and peer inside, hoping for a throwback to the good old days with a letter (remember those?), or even … Continue reading

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