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I’ll Take Pandemic for $1,000, Alex

Hoping that this global pandemic doesn’t become a regular occurrence, how will we explain this unique time to future generations? One of my friends aptly declared, “At this point, if they announce the zombie apocalypse will begin at 2 p.m. … Continue reading

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ESP and Pee

I have ESP.  I think we all do. Call it intuition, gut instincts, hunches, guardian angels. My psychic flashes are random. I can’t conjure up winning lottery numbers, clean out Las Vegas, or prepare for impending disasters (hello, corona virus). … Continue reading

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Bald is Beautiful

I’ve always been a bit offbeat. My first celebrity crush was William Hurt. I thought Sean Connery was much more attractive without the toupee, same goes for John Travolta. My current celebrity crush is Lester Holt. When I first met darling … Continue reading

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Don’t You Dare Eat That Fish Head!

Living in a resort mountain town during high tourist season takes patience, a positive attitude and the constant ability to forgive. I have some of those … sometimes. Estes Park, Colorado, is a small town, 6000 permanent residents (around 15,000 … Continue reading

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Never Look a Gift Horse in the Shaft

Pull up a chair, grab a snack, and get ready to enjoy a true story about our adventures while visiting our own heavenly haven, the Willard Hotel, in Washington, D.C. Our tale features six glasses of Malbec, extreme noise, ants, evening hallway … Continue reading

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Is That a Skunk?

“Good God, woman, you’re almost 80 years old.” My mom was one of my favorite people, and I loved making her laugh … a lot. She was a bit vain, and did not wholly embrace the beauty of the aging … Continue reading

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Can’t You Read the Sign?

My first dog in a string of furbabies was Sammie the Wonderlab. Unfortunately, she somehow didn’t get the “lab” memo. She hated other dogs, couldn’t swim, and frankly, wasn’t very bright. Oh, she did enjoy a few labbie things, like wading … Continue reading

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