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Marvelous Night for a Moondance

“Coolest thing EVER!” This was all I could write to describe witnessing the total eclipse of the sun yesterday. I was at a loss for words, and this happens rarely. I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, but it occasionally … Continue reading

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A Dancer Dances

I have never been the graceful type. I’ve never taken a single dance class, worn a tutu* or in any way dreamed of being a ballerina. My mother intrinsically understood me. While she shuttled my pink-clad from head-to-toe sister to dance … Continue reading

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Bare, Bear and Harry Potter

It’s been a busy few weeks. A lot has happened, and I have found myself saying and hearing things I hope to never give audience to again. My top 10: “Could you please remove your (bare, hairy, smelly) foot from my armrest?” … Continue reading

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Dogs and Bones

I’m like a dog with a bone. The more ridiculously complicated you make something, the more likely I am to pursue it to fruition. Every year, I buy a new supply of expensive contacts lenses, and every year the company, Coopervision, offers … Continue reading

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Too Soon?

Nothing makes me more patriotic than being out of the country for the Fourth of July. Over the past few years, we have found ourselves away from our mother country on this most sacred day of national pride, as expressed … Continue reading

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Flat as a Pancake

I don’t understand mammograms. Oh, I understand the need for cancer screenings, and in fact some people close to me have been saved by similar methods. What I don’t get is the barbaric nature of the mammogram machine itself. I do … Continue reading

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Ode to a Summer Monday

I hate to be hot, I’d rather be cold. Snow over heat, with winds blowing bold. This morning I arise, our house unusually roasting, A brief investigation, we’ve an indoor pool for the boasting. The furnace is leaking, the a/c is crying, … Continue reading

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