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Never Say Never

A year ago I was thinking about things I wanted to do in my hometown before I move across country. I also pledged, in writing, that I would never again do a couple of activities very popular in my area. Well, … Continue reading

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Boxes of Boxes

I am not a “stuff” person. Hubs and I have surprisingly little amounts of boxed treasures or doodads, displayed or hidden. Our decorative taste can best be described as minimalist. This has been an intentional decision, a continual process of … Continue reading

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Of Pot and Axe

I get incensed when I read those click bait articles regarding 10 things older women should not wear, or 14 make-up don’ts for those over forty, acceptable hairstyles for older women, etc… This type of drivel is obviously (poorly) written … Continue reading

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Debating Dumb

  Trust me, it’s not political, keep reading. There is a great debate in the Hag’s house whether our much-loved canine cohort is, indeed, dumb. There is evidence to support this theory. She hasn’t learned to open doors, like one … Continue reading

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Guns Or Butter

In college economics classes, we learned “guns or butter” to simplify a country’s compromise between military/defense spending (guns) and investment in the production of goods (butter). What was demonstrated is that you can’t have all of one, or the other suffers. It … Continue reading

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I Hope I am a Pineapple

Pineapples are rough and tough on the outside, with prickly spikes ready to jab those who don’t take heed or precautions. Inside, they are rather sweet and delicious, without being cloying. That is me on my best days. I am … Continue reading

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Was It Good For You?

I don’t know why; I suspect I must emanate some type of sneaky/guilty aura, but I am always the one pulled out of airports’ TSA lines for further screening. It’s a bit ironic, as I am also awarded, through no application of my own, a … Continue reading

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