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You’re Hired! (Not)

Honest self evaluation places my job search effort at about 13% at this point, a year into my mid-life “sabbatical.” I do, however, put 100% effort into reading about getting jobs. I am really good at that. The last self-help … Continue reading

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Almost as Fun as a Root Canal

Here I stand, hat in hand, balancing on the precipice of 54 years old, asking people young enough to be my children to please give me some consideration as a possible job candidate. After 10 years of running a retail … Continue reading

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Black is the New Vapid

I am a news junkie. Newspapers, that darling, dying breed, will always be my first love, but I will consume almost anything: network, cable, internet, even morning “news” shows. Yes, I understand the lines between entertainment and information no longer … Continue reading

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Taking My Lumps

The Universe seems to have decided that I am mostly unemployable at a professional level. Although I have a degree (University of Missouri School of Journalism, yes, I am proud of it!) and years of experience in sales, marketing, editing … Continue reading

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