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Dumbo Elephant

I think I must have a bit in common with some Republican legislators. They don’t seem to understand where babies come from. I didn’t really understand either, at the age of eight or nine. When I was a mid grade-schooler, there … Continue reading

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All My Mundanity

As a young(ish) mom, I treasured time with my little boys, but sometimes I needed a break, especially during the long, hot summer stretches of school vacation. I am sure my kids were not so very different from any others, but in my … Continue reading

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I Know You Are, But What Am I?

First, I would like to take a quick moment to thank Chicago for taking the brunt of the bad behavior news coverage away from St. Louis Friday. I think we have been the lead story in the national news quite … Continue reading

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My Pants Are Always on Fire

I am a storyteller. I don’t just observe, I embellish. One of my favorite activities is creating stories while people watching, especially at airports. That’s not a couple from Cincinnati going to visit their grandson in California. They are long-term … Continue reading

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