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Two Girlie Men and a Toad

Are you looking for the perfect island getaway? Ask me about Anguilla. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, sunshine and rum punches. There is, however, one teeny weeny problem you should note … toads. The best way to enjoy this idyllic island is by … Continue reading

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Sticks, Stones and Fun Crushing

I don’t think anyone has escaped into adulthood without experiencing the searing pain of name-calling. The “sticks and stones” theory that words can’t hurt you is a fallacy. Words do hurt, sometimes they can be more pointed than the sharpest … Continue reading

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I Cheated, Please Forgive Me

Dear Anguilla, I owe you a heart-felt apology. I cheated on you. Please forgive me. Her name is St. John. I don’t blame her, she is what she is. I blame myself. I was seduced by the newness of it … Continue reading

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What’s So Funny?

Have you seen a woman taking pictures of odd things at your local grocery store? That was me. I find things funny. I find things that others don’t always think are funny are funny, like this sentence. I used to … Continue reading

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So it’s been about 3 1/2 years since I have posted here.  Nothing much in that time, really, just livin’ the dream….  Let’s just say the time has performed amazing, quite degenerative things on my mind and body. But I’m still … Continue reading

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Yes, This is For Real

Planned Parenthood (which I support) just sent me this, entitled: A Very Special Care Package: School is IN SESSION! Every college student loves care packages. This fall, as millions of new freshman settle into college life, make sure the student in … Continue reading

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It’s A Slippery Slope

My darling 16 year old has a broken visor on his car.  He decided he should “fix it” with velcro.  I explained to him that this was a gateway fix.  Soon he would be using duct tape, and plastic, and … Continue reading

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