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MIZ WTF, Part2

But what about the fraternity’s well-known kitten sacrifice ritual? Oh, Mizzou, my alma mater … A few weeks ago, a fraternity was accused of hurling racial slurs at a group of students that were gathered on their front lawn. Although … Continue reading

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I Know You Are, But What Am I?

First, I would like to take a quick moment to thank Chicago for taking the brunt of the bad behavior news coverage away from St. Louis Friday. I think we have been the lead story in the national news quite … Continue reading

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M I Z … W T F?

I think there is perhaps one point of agreement regarding Mizzou’s recent turmoil; we made the national news! I have tried to explore all sides and listen to opposing viewpoints. I have read news accounts, watched videos, and skimmed through … Continue reading

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It’s Greek to Me

I have never been a fan of the fraternity and sorority systems at colleges, so I am as surprised as anyone to find myself defending some immature fraternity dopes at Old Dominion. It seems that some frat-tastic Sigma Nu boys … Continue reading

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You Can’t Make Me

I have never been a joiner.  I do not wear school colors or team jerseys, attend rallies or demonstrations,and generally try to avoid, at all costs, whatever it is that the majority is wearing or doing.  I am not particularly outwardly patriotic, … Continue reading

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